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Established in 1962, BUNAC has enabled hundreds of thousands of travellers to explore the world through work and travel and is today recognised as a specialist in the field of overseas work and travel programmes. BUNAC has grown significantly from its original North America exchange programme roots and now offers a work or volunteer opportunity in every continent.

Travel you can trust

BUNAC’s primary concern is to ensure you have a safe and rewarding travel experience. BUNAC provides 24/7 emergency support for all members. We also ensure participants are fully prepared for their trips with a comprehensive handbook, pre-departure advice and orientations.

Why choose BUNAC?

See the world, change your life

On a BUNAC programme, you have the chance to experience the real everyday working life of a country and explore some of the world's most amazing places during your stay. Imagine all those destinations you've always wanted to visit. From the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef, from the ski resorts of Banff to the beaches of Queensland, from San Jose to Siem Reap, the choice is entirely yours!

Whichever programme you choose, you'll be in a different culture, gaining job and life skills, and meeting a whole new circle of friends in what has the potential to be one of your most fun, memorable and life-changing experiences ever.

Why do BUNAC?

Taking part in a BUNAC overseas work/volunteer programme gives you the chance to live and work in a new and exciting country and do something really worthwhile with your time off from work or studies. BUNAC programmes offer you a unique opportunity to:

  • discover a different culture
  • gain valuable new skills for your CV
  • meet a whole new circle of friends
  • broaden your horizons
  • be truly independent
  • create your very own overseas adventure of a lifetime.
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