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Spend an unforgettable two to twelve weeks in Nepal and help improve the standard of living of the local people all around the beautiful mountain village Pokhara. You will have the choice between teaching English, working in an orphanage and helping to build infrastructure. From the moment of your booking until your return back to Germany, BUNAC and our partner organisation will support you. You will start your trip with an orientation workshop upon arrival with your fellow volunteers and move into your communal house, owned by a local family.


If you are good at English at school and you would like to pass on your knowledge to others in need, the teaching project is for you. You will assist a local teacher, prepare lessons and possiby even run your own classes. Education is universally available and many class rooms in Nepal are over crowded. As a volunteer, you will help increase the quality of education and help to improve the standard of living of the local people of Nepal.


A large number of Nepali children live on the street or have lost their parents. Orphanages are often only poorly equipped and social workers need a helping hand. This often means that kids get involved in criminality and forget about their education. As a volunteer on this project you will get the kids involved in positive activities, play with them, feed them and help the older kids with their homework.


In Nepal there is not only a great lack of teachers and social workers but also of physical infrastructure in general. As a volunteer you will help build, renovate and decorate schools and educational facilities and also get involved general infrastructure projects. What is special about this programme is that you will see the result of your work straight away and how it helps improve the life of the Nepalese people.

What's included

In Germany 

  • Trip preparation
  • Project manual
  • Help with booking flights and insurance

In Nepal

  • Two- day orientation workshop in Pokhara
  • Airport pick-up on request
  • Transfers            
  • Accommodation in a communal volunteer house
  • All meals
  • Placement in your volunteer project
  • Support throughout your project
  • 24/7 emergency line


Projects Duration Costs
Teaching or orphange work 2 weeks € 1020.00
Teaching or orphanage work 4 weeks € 1260.00
Teaching or orphanage work 6 weeks € 1500.00
Teaching or orphanage work 8 weeks € 1740.00
Teaching or orphanage work 10 weeks € 1980.00
Teaching or orphanage work 12 weeks € 2220.00
Construction 2 weeks € 1380.00
Construction 2 weeks € 1980.00



Starting dates
1st November 2014* 13th June 2015
15th November 2014* 27th June 2015
13th December 2014 11th July 2015
27th December 2014 25th July 2015
10th January 2015 8th August 2015
24th January 2015 22nd August 2015
7th February 2015 5th September 2015
21st February 2015 19th September 2015
7th March 2015 3rd October 2015*
21st March 2015 17th October 2015*
4th April 2015 31st October 2015*
18th April 2015 14th November 2015*
2nd May 2015 28th November 2015*
16th May 2015 12th December 2015
30th May 2015 26th December 2015


  • Police check
  • Visa fee
  • Insurance
  • Flights


In order to book on and reserve your spot on the programme, a deposit of € 350 is due. The remaining costs will then have to paid in fix installments prior to departure. No qualifications are needed. If you want to teach English, it is important to have good English skills.  Contact BUNAC today to find out more via telephone on a German line or send an email to info@bunac.org.uk.

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