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If Safari, beach holiday or sight seeing trip, South Africa offers an exciting variety of experiences. Why stop after a short holiday and not do something different with a purpose? BUNAC offers you the opportunity to take part in life-changing volunteer projects and as part of a group of other volunteers make a real difference to local communities and wildlife in South Africa.

Want to combine your passion for sports with your passion for travelling?

As a volunteer on our Sports Coaching South Africa programme this is exactly what you get for 5 to 12 weeks. As a sports coach you will pass on your passion for sports to South Africa’s disadvantaged township kids and strengthen their social awareness and confidence. Sport is not part of their regular school schedule and by visiting their school on a daily basis and coaching various sports, you and your fellow volunteers really make a difference to their lives.

You will spend your free time in your communal volunteer house in Port Elizabeth, where you will be sharing a room with 4 -8 other volunteers. The communal house is guarded by security staff, located in a quiet and residential area and equipped with a pool, wifi room and lots of other fun facilities.


  • Orientation workshop in Port Elizabeth
  • Coach football, hockey, rugby, tennis, netball, basketball or swimming
  • Improve social awareness and confidence of disadvantaged kids
  • Live togehter with other sport coaches

What's included

In Germany

  • German speaking trip preparation
  • Volunteer handbook
  • Help with booking flights and insurance
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • International sim card

In South Africa

  • Airport pick up
  • Project related transport
  • Workshop upon arrival
  • All accommodation
  • All meals
  • Excursions
  • Certificate upon request
  • 24/7 emergency line


Starting dates Duration                      Starting dates Duration
4th October 2014 5 - 7 weeks   23rd May 2015 5 - 6 weeks
17th January 2015 5 - 12 weeks        18th July 2015 5 weeks
21st February 2015 5 - 7 weeks   29th August 2015 5 - 12 weeks
18th April 2015 5 - 11 weeks   3rd October 2015 5 - 7 weeks



Duration     Costs
5 weeks € 1,450.00
6 weeks € 1,650.00
7 weeks € 1,850.00
8 weeks € 2,050.00
9 weeks € 2,250.00
10 weeks € 2,450.00
11 weeks € 2,650.00
12 weeks € 2,850.00


  • Police check
  • Visa fee
  • Insurance
  • Flights


In order to book on and reserve your spot on the programme, a deposit of € 500 is due. The remaining costs will then have to paid at least 70 days prior to departure. Contact BUNAC today to find out more via telephone on a German line or send an email to

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