Where will I be living?

Our partner, the English Opens Doors Program (operated by the Chilean Ministry of Education supported by the United Nations Development Programme-Chile), works with semi-private and public schools throughout Chile, from Arica to Punta Arenas. Volunteers work alongside Chilean teachers within elementary schools (5th to 8th grade students) and secondary schools (9th to 12th grade students).

We ask volunteers to express a preference regarding the age range and also the region that they work in. We will do all we can to match your preferences. However, the purpose of the programme is to provide English lessons to those who will benefit most. Volunteers will therefore be placed in a way that is most effective in meeting this goal. We ask that all applicants maintain a flexible and adventurous attitude toward placement location. (Note, Chilean students living in areas that experience high levels of tourism are already exposed to English and as a consequence there are limited placements in these locations.)

During the Cultural Orientation (immediately following arrival) you will stay with a host family in Santiago City where you will receive meals on a half board basis.

Following this you will be transferred to a local hostel for your 5 day Training Orientation; during which time all meals will be provided.

Finally, during your placement you will live with a host family. The family will be conveniently located near to your school and in many cases may have direct connections (the host parents may work at the school). Meals are included and may be provided either by the host family or by the school.

Houses can be basic but comfortable. All homes where volunteers are placed have been visited by a representative of the English Opens Doors Program to assure that they have the resources and space necessary to accommodate another person. All volunteers will have their own bedroom, and in rare cases will live in the same house as another volunteer.

Enjoying home-cooked food, sharing stories and life experiences gives volunteers a unique and truly memorable experience, and families do all they can to help make them feel part of the family and the local community.